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10 Best Electrical and Electronics Project that you can do in 1st year


While doing projects in the first year of engineering, we come across lots of projects and get confused about the projects.  Also, many students don't know how they work and which project comes under this category. Being an electrical and electronics engineering student myself, I was very confused about what project to do in my first year. Here, we have cited 10 best Electrical and electronics projects that you can do in your 1st year along with a short description of the project. 

1. Water Level Indicator: 

    This project is basically an automatic water level controlling system that automatically turns off the switch when water is full in the tank. It checks the water level in the tank and sends the warning if the water level in the tank is low and it stops the water pump to operate if there is no water present in the tank.

2. LPG Leakage Detector:

    In this system, the LPG leakage at home or industry is detected employing two main devices: the gas detector and the centralized alarm unit. The centralized alarm unit detects the signals sent by the gas detector and turns on the alarm. The main working principle lies in the comparison of voltage drop and reference voltage between the MQ-6 gas sensor voltages.

3. Variable DC Voltage Supply:

    This project describes the construction of AC/DC regulated power supply with a voltage range of 12-5 V and limited to 1-ampere current. The main power circuitry is built on a bridge rectifier module configured with a step-down transformer. This power supply is provided with the flexibility to regulate current and voltage as required for the operation of microcontrollers and other electrical components. 

4. Infrared Motion Detector:

    This project focuses on detecting the motion of a particular thing or a person from a particular area. Infrared Motion Detector detects emitted infrared energy from a person or an animal in the form of heat. The IR sensors, PIR sensors, etc. can be used in this circuit which sends the signal to the control system which in turn can be programmed to emit light or a bell noise.

5. Remote Controlled IR Switches:

    The remote controller can be used to control different home appliances which are connected to the circuit. It consists of Infrared Remote Controller and receiver, LED, relay, diode, etc. In this, infrared remote sends signals to change the state of home appliances, when the IR sensor receives the signal it performs its task.

6. Metal Detector:

    This project gives an overview of a metal detector working principle and application with the concept of ensuring avoiding any illegal or unauthorized entry of metal objects. It is a low-cost metal detector using a transistor circuit. It is a simple Colpitts oscillator working in medium band frequency.

 7. Home Automation:

    This project work is performed for designing the Home Automated System to overcome the necessary human effort and test its usability in real life. The system consists of a PIR sensor, an LDR sensor, and Thermistor which senses the movement senses light and temperature which could automate home by controlling light and fan. 

8. Car Parking Indicator:

    This technology helps the driver to locate a free parking slot to park the car. It automatically indicates where the slot is free and which is reserved in map kept in the gateway of parking so that driver can easily find a free parking space which helps in reducing the traffic created by stuck vehicles in parking zones by using timer before indication.

9. Automatic Street Light Control Using LDR:

    This project mainly focuses on automatically turning the street lights on and off whenever needed. The circuit is based on IC LM358 which works as an operational amplifier configured in voltage comparator. The LDR(Light Dependent Resistor) is used in which resistance is dependent on the amount of light that falls onto it. 

10. Touchless Doorbell:

    This project describes an automatic door lock/unlock system along with a buzzer (doorbell) that can monitor industries as well as homes. The detector will sense the absence of light caused by intervention and will switch on the buzzer and the door can be locked/unlocked without any mechanical effort with high performance and minimum possible cost. Its many applications are in banks, offices, homes, and shops.

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