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DIY Bank and Home Security System for valuable ornaments/components Using Arduino, Relay and PIR Sensor

The valuable ornaments placed in the bank or high profile house really needs a security system which will guide your ornaments with safety. In this tutorial we are going to make an automated system that will make loud siren ON for 6 minutes and help our valuable things to get protected from being theft using Arduino, Relay and PIR sensor.

Let's get started;

Component's required:

  1. Arduino UNO    X   1
  2. 5 Volt Relay Module    X  1
  3. PIR Sensor   X   1
  4. Alarm  X    1
Circuit Diagram:

(NOTE: At first upload the program to Arduino UNO board then only do the given below circuit diagram in order to avoid short circuit from the previously uploaded code.)

About PIR Sensor:

PIR stands for Passive Infrared Sensor and it works on the principle of detecting heat rediation. Like other sensor, it does not produce any signal to environment and receive the reflected signal. This  sensor small amount of heat radiation produced by either living things or non living things.

The PIR Sensor have two modes, one is repeatable and other is non repeatable mode.
  • Repeatable mode will make PIR sensor detect object and produce output at the same time.
  • Non-Repeatable mode will detect object and produce output for the time we set by rotating delay time pin configuration between (0.3Sec-5Mins) as our wish of adjusting.
(NOTE: You will find H and L written in your PIR board for repeatable and non-repeatable mood)
  1. Repeatable Trigger Mode: Place jumper in H-pin configuration as connected in figure.
  2. Non-Repeatable Trigger Mode: Place jumper in L-Pin configuration
In this tutorial we are doing this project for repeatable trigger mode. So place jumper as shown above in the figure.
  • Connect VCC to 5 volt out of Arduino
  • GND to GND pin of Arduino
  • OUT pin to pin 3 of Arduino

Finally adjust the sensitivity pin to detect the object according to your required rang within 7 meter from the sensor by rotating the sensitivity pin according to your desire. 


Copy and paste the given below code to Arduino IDE and upload it.

long int alarm = 9;          //Alarm pin
long int pirPin = 3;        // PIR Out pin 
long int pirStat = 0;      // PIR status

void setup() {
 pinMode(alarm, OUTPUT);     
 pinMode(pirPin, INPUT);     

void loop()
pirStat = digitalRead(pirPin); 
if (pirStat == HIGH)               // if motion detected
digitalWrite(alarm, HIGH);    // turn alarm ON
delay(60000);                         // turns alarm ON for 60000 mili seconds i.e 6 minutes
digitalWrite(alarm, LOW);       // turn alarm OFF if we have no motion

In this way you can make your own bank and home security system for valuable ornaments/components using Arduino, Relay and PIR Sensor.

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