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The open-source Arduino Software (IDE) makes it easy to write code, compile it, and upload it in a board.

Here are some tips about Arduino IDE:

1.) Running the Arduino IDE program for the first time after instilling it to pc

2.)Let's load our first example that comes with Arduino IDE itself


3.) This is the first program that we load to our Arduino IDE

4.) To bring a new file

5.) Verify(Compile) the program

Compilation means to check the program and find out the error if figured. If there are no errors than at the button of the screen it comes with done compilation.

6.) Saving the file to the computer

7.) Connecting Arduino to our computer


8.)Configuring the board

It means we have to choose the Arduino Board which we have bought from the market. In this tutorial, I have used Arduino Uno as my board.

9.) Configuring the Arduino with IDE

This configuration will connect our Arduino UNO to our IDE and helps to upload the file through the respective port from where we have connected our Arduino.

10.) Uploading our program to Arduino

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